It's that time of month again...

Makeup brush cleaning day

If you're like more than 60% of women, you wash your brushes once a month...or less. We get it. It's no fun. But, like eating your vegetables, you know it's good for you - for your skin AND your wallet.

So we've made it easy. And fun. Hold up. Cleaning brushes - fun?

That's right, our simple 3-step process makes brush cleaning fun. and easy.

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Tough on dirt & oil, gentle on bristles

Brush Bubbly

Squirt a dollop of Brush Bubbly onto the surfaces of the Brush Board and add a splash of water.

The first makeup brush exfoliator

The Brush Board

Wet bristles with warm water and swirl inside the different surfaces of the Brush Board, strategically engineered to gentle yet powerfully scrub between each and every bristle.

Hang to dry and relax

The Brush Bar

Rinse each brush thoroughly and squeeze out excess water. Then, hang on Brush Bar with bristles pointing down. Relax and let gravity do the work of drying your brushes in record time!

Want the ultimate brush cleaning experience?

Get the entire 3-part system and Save

Makeup Brush Care Pack ($81 value)

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Care Pack


  • 1 Brush Bar
  • 1 Brush Board
  • 1 Brush Bubbly (4 oz.)

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