Henry Charles x BeautyWise Brush Care Vault ($142 Value)

$ 118
"Designer makeup deserves designer bags.”
-Henry Charles

The simplicity and wisdom of this belief is one of the many reasons we are excited to launch our collaboration with Henry Charles, a true brand after our own hearts here at BeautyWise.

The Henry Charles x BeautyWise Brush Care Vault is your complete kit to take care of your babies - those beloved (and often $$$) brushes that help you create that perfect look. Included in the Vault are:
  • BeautyWise Brush Board - The first makeup brush brush exfoliator is engineered to get in between the bristles to get your babies cleaner than ever, with six different surfaces for all your brushes and sponges.
  • BeautyWise Brush Bubbly - This ultra-effective brush cleanser is powerful against the most stubborn of makeup, dirt, and oil yet gentle enough for the most luxurious of natural bristles.
  • BeautyWise Brush Bar - The slimmest and sleekest makeup brush drying rack will hang your brushes with the bristles pointing down to protect them from water damage and bacterial collection and dry perfectly shaped and quickly - with the help of gravity.
  • Henry Charles Brush Case in Sultry Pop - Designed to protect your favorite makeup brushes, this luxe, patent-pending Brush Case features a coated, water-resistant lining, one-handed magnetic closure, and a pliable yet durable shape for ultimate packability during travel.

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